Country Music Festivals

Artists Of the Month

We give credit to the artists that sing from the heart and respect their fans. Country Music Festivals selects Artists that make a difference in the world.

 "50 Plus Years Contributing to Country Music"

Not everyone realizes how long Merle Haggard has been performing. This might be because he is still touring like someone in their twenties. Merle is Country Strong. Over 25 shows this year.

 To give you an idea of how long Merle Haggard has been a Country Music Star. Merle Haggard was the first entertainer of the year at the ACM Awards in 1970. A member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, 40 number one hits, and dozens of top ten hits.  Still touring today, Merle Haggard deserves our respect for being a pioneer of Country Music for over 50 years.


 Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan Is a Veteran of Country Music and the Army. Tough as nails, Craig Morgan is touring full time at 50 years old. Craig is known to play a lot of festivals. A true hero, Craig is also known for being involved with many benefit shows for veterans.

Craig has produced many top ten songs over the years. Some of those songs include: That's What I Love About Sunday, Almost Home, Redneck Yacht Club, International Harvester, and Bonfire. There is no slowing down the music of Craig Morgan


Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is nominated for the CMA New Artist of the year for 2014. When asked about the nomination, he said he was honored. He also said he was very happy that his friend Cole Swindell and others were nominated too. He said, "If one of my friends win, I will be just as happy".

 Thomas has written amazing songs that have been very successful this year. But, what stands out, is how he is just an easy going guy with lots of personality. He is always willing to play a song for a fan even if he is not getting paid. When people talk about "what is good about a Georgia Boy", they are talking about Thomas Rhett. A talented country boy with lots of heart that deserves to be the "2014 CMA New Artist of the Year" We are honored to list Thomas Rhett as our Country Music Festivals "Artist of the Month" for November. He is an inspiration to us all. Click here for his website.


 Luke Bryan

Good ole boy Luke Bryan is doing something honorable this year. Instead of paying money to the commercial concert venues, this October he is paying farmers to play concerts on their land. This feeds money back into the communities and supports farming at the same time. Plus, he only charged $45 for these shows. Click here for his website.


 North Country Gentlemen

Some of the best music happens at a campfire, at a campsite, or on a tailgate . Below is a jam that happened at a campfire with North Country Gentlemen from Canada! You can tell this band just loves to play music. Amazing harmonies and such a smooth feel to their music. Good job guys!