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Country Cruising

Cruise to Tampa, Key West, Cozumel

Tampa, FL - (Festival Website)

January 14 - 19 2017

Chris Young, Montgomery Gentry,

Charles Esten, Kelsea Ballerini,

Clare Bowen, LOCASH, Diamond Rio,

Phil Vassar, Dallas Smith,

Halfway to Hazard, Ray Scott,

Viper Creek Band, James Wesley,

Clark Hill, Lucy Angel,

Olivia Lane, Maggie Baugh,

The Cains, Tate Stevens,

Lucas Hoge, Wesley Spangler

Need to Know

Cruise includes everything except transportation, airfare, shuttles, alcohol, non-alcohol drinks and bottled water, specialty restaurants and food, photos, travel insurance,

taxes, laundry, extras on boat,

or money spent at ports of call.

Food free in main dining areas.

Sometimes rules change. Check the festival website for all the rules.

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