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  Festival Tips


It is very important to arrive at the same time as your friends to be able to camp with them. Even if you have reserved campsites, sometimes they change your campsite number when things get crazy.

If everyone can't get there at the same time, make sure the vehicles you want on campsite, get there at the same time.


Make sure you wear that new pair of boots as many times as possible before you wear them at a festival. You walk more at a festival than anywhere else. If you don't break in your boots before the festival, you won't be able to walk on Sunday.

"Get Your Boots On"

Most important camping tip - Make sure the rainfly covers the entire tent if you want to stay dry. 

Country Music Festivals

Country Music Festival Guide for tips on camping and surviving a music festival. If you are prepared for anything, you will have a great time.


"Fight or Fornicate"

Gentlemen, Consider this? Fighting has always been a tradition at Country Music Festivals. However, there are better things to do.

3/4 of the crowd at a Country Festival are girls. This means that there are 3 girls to every guy. 1/2 the men are married. Which means 4 girls to every guy. Most girls go to a Country Festival with hopes of meeting the cowboy of their dreams.

 You have a choice. You can fight, get kicked out, miss the show, and go to jail; or you can get lucky!  I would rather roll around with a pretty cowgirl, than a dude. Think about it!

If you are a promotor or know of a festival not listed here, submit it below.

This site lists festivals. One day shows are considered if they have multiple bands or camping is available. The Owners of this site reserve the right to not list festivals if they don't consider them appropiate for this site.

"Extreme Storms"

Make sure you are prepared for bad weather. Many festivals this year have encountered heavy storms. Buy extra tent stakes, bring an extra tarp, don't set up your tent in a low spot. and bring extra socks.

Plus, make sure you bring a poncho. With many shows not allowing chairs or umbrellas, a poncho may be the only thing keeping you from sitting on wet ground.

Have fun!  Stay dry!


They always take your liquor at the gate if it is in a glass bottle. The same applies to beer. Make sure your liquor bottle is plastic.

A plastic Arizona Iced Tea bottle from the dollar store is a very safe, descrete way of transporting your liquor.

"50 Plus Years Contributing to Country Music"

Not everyone realizes how long Merle Haggard has been performing. RIP Merle Haggard played music up until a month before he died.

To give you an idea of how long Merle Haggard has been a Country Music Star. Merle Haggard was the first entertainer of the year at the ACM Awards in 1970. A member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, 40 number one hits, and dozens of top ten hits.  Merle Haggard deserves our respect for being a pioneer of Country Music for over 50 years.

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