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Maddie and Tae, although young, deserve our respect for being an extremely hard working duo. Two girls from Texas and Oklahoma with something to say. Like most Country artists, they write about life. Just from the perspective of two young women.

Three hit songs in six months. "Girl in a Country Song", "Fly", and "Shut up and Fish". Apparently the fans like what they have to say. This hard working duo has accomplished more in two years, than most artists achieve in a decade.

Performing dozens of shows and festivals this year, Maddie and Tae still find time to produce a hit song every few months. This duo has proved that they are not just a one hit wonder. Maddie and Tae are a talented couple of girls that are here to stay. 

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 Below is an live acoustic version of "Sierra" recorded by Hank FM. This is a really fun song from 2014 before they where big stars.

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